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Cultic Studies Journal



Psychological Manipulation and Society

Founded in 1984, the Cultic Studies Journal (CSJ) is a semi-annual, peer reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that seeks to advance the understanding of cultic processes and their relation to society, including broad social and cultural implications as well as effects on individuals and families.

Abstracted in Psychological Abstracts and Religion Index, it is the only scholarly journal devoted to this field of inquiry. The cultic processes of concern to the CSJ are directly related to the research traditions of thought reform and the psychology of social influence. The CSJ editorial board  is composed of academicians from major universities and nationally recognized experts in the field.


Cultic Studies Journal Article Archives

Issue Index (Vol. 1-15)
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The Directory of AFF/CO/CSJ Contributors includes profiles of authors -- including articles published -- who have published in the Cultic Studies Journal.
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Popular topical CSJ reprint collections are available (e.g. Bible-based groups; educator; ex-member; hypnosis).
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Books reviewed in the Cultic Studies Journal are listed by book title.
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Video tapes reviewed in the Cultic Studies Journal are listed by title.


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