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ICSA does NOT maintain a list of "bad" groups or "cults."  We nonjudgmentally list groups on which we have information.

Groups listed, described, or referred to on ICSA's Web sites may be mainstream or nonmainstream, controversial or noncontroversial, religious or nonreligious, cult or not cult, harmful or benign.

We encourage inquirers to consider a variety of opinions, negative and positive, so that inquirers can make independent and informed judgments pertinent to their particular concerns.

Views expressed on our Web sites are those of the document's author(s) and are not necessarily shared, endorsed, or recommended by ICSA or any of its directors, staff, or advisors.

See:  Definitional Issues Collection; Understanding Groups Collection

Views expressed on our Web sites are those of the document's author(s) and are not necessarily shared, endorsed, or recommended by ICSA or any of its directors, staff, or advisors.


*** Articles and Article abstracts ****
+ AFF News, 01.02: Giambalvo, Carol: "Post-Cult Problems: An Exit Counselor's Perspective"
+ AFF News, 02.01: Martin, Paul, Ph.D.: "Pitfalls To Recovery"
+ AFF News, 02.02: Ford, Wendy: "The Role of the Family"
+ AFF News, 02.05: Lifton, Robert J., M.D.: "Cult Formation"
+ AFF News, 02.06: Rosedale, Herb: "Annual Report From the President"
+ AFF News, 03.01: Lalich, Janja Ph.D.: "Crazy" Therapies: What are They? Do They Work? - The Therapeutic Relationship
+ AFF News, 03.03: Lalich, Janja Ph.D.: "We Own Her Now"
+ AFF News, 03.05: Rosedale, Herb: "Conference Report"
+ AFF News, 03.06: Rosedale, Herb: "Annual Report: Letter From the President"
+ AFF News, 04.02: Stein, Alexandra: "Recovering From a Political Cult"
+ AFF News, 04.03: Henry, Roseanne: "Why We Need To Become Spiritual Consumers"
^^ Why Cultic Groups Develop and Flourish: A Historian's Perspective
Adams, Donna L.: "Brief Report: Perceived Psychological Abuse and the Cincinnati Church of Christ"
AFF: "Custody and Forensic Readings"
AIS: "Grupos de Manipulacion Psicologica en Cataluna"
Alamo: "IRS Auctions Alamo Property"
Almendros, Carmen: "Book of Abstracts - Madrid 2005 Conferenced"
Alonso, Ferran: "Legal Regulations and Police Responsibilities with Regard to Totalitarian Groups"
American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Bioethics: "Religious Exemptions from Child Abuse Statutes"
American Psychiatric Association: "Statement on Repressed Memories of Abuse"
Amitrani, Alberto & Di Marzio, Raffaella: "Blind or Just Don't Want to See: Brainwashing, Mystification, and Suspicion"
Amitrani, Alberto & Di Marzio, Raffaella: "Min Control in New Religious Movements and the American Psychological Association"
Andron, Sandy, Ed.D.: "Problem Solving An Approach for the Cult-Impacted Family"
Anonymous.: "The Art of Hoping: A Mother�s Story"
APA: "Questions and Answers about Memories of Childhood Abuse"
APA: "What is Hypnosis"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Ancient Astronauts"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Astrology"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Extrasensory Perception -- Telepathy"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Extrasensory Perception"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Fortean Fallacy"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Ghosts"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Kirlean Photography"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Modern Visitors"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Monsters"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Mystical Physics"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Predicting the Future"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Psychic Detectives"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Reincarnation, Life after Death, Astral Travel"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Science Fiction in Pseudoscience"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Spiritualism"
Astop: "Fact Sheet Unlikely Events -- And Coincidence"
Bardin, David J., Esq.: "Psychological Coercion & Human Rights: Mind Control ('Brainwashing') Exists"
Bardin, David, Esq.: "Meditation, Delusion and Deception"
Benjamin, Elliot, Ph.D.: "On Avatar" - AFF E-Newsletter
Benjamin, Elliot, Ph.D.: "On Conversations with God"
Borgman, Dean: "Social Influences on Youth"
Borowick v. Shay
Boulette, Teresa Ramirez, Ph.D.: "Mind Control and the Battering of Women"
Boyle, Robin A.: "How Children in Cults May Use Emancipation Laws to Free Themselves"
Boyle, Robin, J.D.: "Women, the Law, and Cults: Three Avenues of Recourse--New Rape Laws, Violence Against Women Act, and Antistalking Laws"
Boyle, Robin, J.D.: "Women, the Law, and Cults: Three Avenues of Recourse--New Rape Laws, Violence Against Women Act, and Antistalking Laws" - abstract
Bussell, Harold: "Checks on Power and Authority in the New Testament"
Can Hypnosis Explain Cult Conversion?
Chambers, Robert, Ph.D. et al.: "The Group Psychological Abuse Scale"
Cialdini, Robert B. Ph.D.: "Influence"
Clearinghouse on Child ABuse and Neglect: "Religious Immunity Bibliography"
Council of Europe's Report 1/8
de Cordes, Henri: "Preventing Cultic Deviations in Europe: Reply to Singelenbereg's Comment"
de Cordes, Henri: "Preventing Cultic/Sectarian Deviations in Europe: Policies that Differ"
Dole, Arthur A., Ph.D. "How We Rescued Our Daughter"
Dowhower, Richard, Rev.: "Religion Versus Cult"
Dowhower, Richard: "Cults: What Clergy Should Know
Eichel, Steve K. D., Ph.D.: "Building Resistance"
Enquete Commission of Germany: "Final Report on so-called Sects and Psychogroups"
Enroth, Ronald, Ph.D.: Dysfunctional Churches
Furnari, Leona: "Born or Raised in Closed, High-Demand Groups or Cults: Developmental Issues"
Garden, Mary: "The Potential for Abuse in the Guru-Disciple Relationship"
Gasde, Irene, M.S.: "Cult Experience: Psychological Abuse, Distress, Personality Characteristics, and Changes in Personal Relationships Reported by Former Members of Church Universal and Triumphant
Giambalvo, Carol: "Coping with Triggers and PTSD Symptoms"
Giambalvo, Carol: "Coping with Triggers"
Giambalvo, Carol: "Post-Cult Problems"
Giambalvo, Carol: "What is a Thought Reform Consultant?"
Gillis, Justin: "Concerned About Campus Cults, Colleges Arm Students With Facts"
Greene, Ford, Esq.: "Litigating Child Custody with Religious Cults"
Griffo, Maureen: "How Could Anyone Join a Cult"
Groenveld, Jan: "It Hurts"
Hassan, Steven: "The Strategic Interaction Approach"
Henry, Rosanne: "Anxiety and Decision-Making"
Hominik, David: "Cults in American Society: A Legal Analysis of Undue Influence, Fraud, and Misrepresentation"
How Can Young People Protect Themselves
Jonestown Index
Kandel, Randy, Ph.D., Esq.: "Litigating the Cult-Related Child Custody Case"
Karlin, Robert A., Ph.D.: "Commentary on Borawick v. Shay: Hypnosis, Social Influence, Incestuous Child Abuse, and Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Iatrogenic Creation of Horrific Memories for the Remote Past" - abstract
Karlin, Robert A., Ph.D.: "Hypnosis and the Iatrogenic Creation of Memory: On the Need for a Per Se Exclusion of Testimony Based on Hypnotically Influenced Recall" - abstract
Karlin, Robert A., Ph.D.: "In favor of a per se exclusion of hypnotically influenced testimony: A reply to Hoover"
Kropveld, Michael: "An Example for Controversy: Creating a Model for Reconciliation"
Kropveld, Michael: "Preventive Education: A North American Perspective"
Lalich, Janja Ph.D.: "Repairing The Soul After A Cult Experience"
Lalich, Janja Ph.D.: "We Own Her Now"
Lalich, Janja, Ph.D.: "Individual Differences Affecting Recovery"
Lalich, Janja: "Evaluating Cult Involvement"
Langone, Micahel, Ph.D.: "Deception, Dependency & Dread The Conversion Process"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D. & Nieburg, Herbert, Ph.D.: "Treatment of Satanism"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D.: " Secular and Religious Critiques of Cults"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D.: "Academic Disputes and Dialogue Collection: Preface"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D.: "Letter to a Former Member of a Meditation Group"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D.: "On Dialogue Between the Two Tribes of Cultic Studies Resarchers"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D.: "Outline: Child Literature"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D.: "Psychological Abuse: Theoretical and Measurement Issues"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D.: "The Comet and Its Tail"
Langone, Michael D., Ph.D.: "The Two Camps of Cultic Studies"
Langone, Michael, D. Ph.D.: "Group Psychological Abuse Scale"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "An Investigation of a Reputedly Psychologically Abusive Group that Targets College Students"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Boston Church of Christ Movement Study"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Child Custody and Cults"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Children and Cults -- excerpt from Recovery from Cults
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Cultic Studies Bibliography 2003"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Cults and Mind Control"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Cults, Conversion, Science, & Harm
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Cults: Questions and Answers"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Definitional Ambiguity"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Helping Families"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Large Group Awareness Trainings"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "New Religions and Public Policy"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "On Using the Term "Cult"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Questionnaire Study: Preliminary Report"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Reflections on Post-Cult Recovery
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Research on Destructive Cults
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "Satanism and Occult-Related Violence: What You Should Know"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "The Cult Problem in Japan"
Langone, Michael, Ph.D.: "We weren't Crazy; We were Fooled"
Langone, Michael: "Deprogramming, Exit Counseling, and Ethics: Clarifying the Confusion" - Cult Observer 10(4), 1993
Langone, Michael: "Mind-Manipulating Groups Checklist"
Levy, Lawrence, Esq.: "Prosecuting an Ex-Cult Member's Undue Influence Suit"
Lifton, Robert J., M.D.: "Cult Formation"
Lifton, Robert J., M.D.: "Lifton's Eight Criteria for Thought Reform"
Lifton, Robert J., M.D.: "Lifton's Eight Criteria for Thought Reform"
Lifton, Robert, J. M.D.: "Cult Formation"
Lilley, Cynthia: "Mother Takes-on Moon"
Litfin, Duane: "The Perils of Persuasive Preaching"
Lottick, Edward, M.D.: "Survey Reveals Physicians' Experience with Cults"
MacDonald, Gordon, Rev.: "Disciple Abuse" - abstract
Mansfield, Hal: "Identity Movement Called Cultic"
Martin, Paul, Ph.D.: "Pitfalls To Recovery"
Martin, Paul: "Overcoming the Bondage of Revictimization: A Rational/Empirical Defense of Thought Reform"
Miller, Ross: "How to Talk to People Who Are Trying to Save You"
Muster, Nori J.: "Myth and Themes of Ex-Membership"
Nievod, Abraham, Ph.D., J.D.: "Undue Influence in Contract and Probate Law"
Pelland, Marie-Andree: "French Publications on Cultic Phenomena and Related Subjects: English Summary"
Pelland, Marie-Andree: "Recension des Ecrits Portant sur le Ph�nom�ne Sectaire et Th�mes Connexe au Cours de l�Ann�e 2003"
Petukhov, Vladimir: "The Cult Movement and Religious Situation in Ukraine"
reFocus: "Characteristics of a Destructive Cult"
Rosedale, Herb: "Legal Analysis of Intent As a Continuum Emphasizing Social Context of Volition"
Rosedale, Herb:  "AFF Statement Mass Wedding of Sun Myung Moon"
Rosedale, Herbert L., Esq.: "Legal Considerations: Regaining Independence and Initiative"
Rosedale, Herbert, Esq.: "Women and Cults: A Lawyer's Perspective"
Ryan, Patrick: "Coping With Trance States" - TM-EX News
Ryan, Patrick: "Mass Suicides Timeline"
Scheflin, Alan, J.D., LL.M.: "Commentary on Borawick v. Shay"
Siegel, Shirley: "Manipulative Therapists"
Singelenberg, Richard: "Divergent European Cult Policies: A Reply to Henri de Cordes"
Singer, Margaret T., Ph.D.: "Undue Influence and Written Documents: Psychological Aspects"
Singer, Margaret Thaler, Ph.D.: "Post-Cult After Effects"
Singer, Margaret, Ph.D.: "Crazy" Therapies: What Are They? Do They Work?"
Singer, Margaret, Ph.D.: "How United States Marine Corps Differ from Cults"
Singer, Margaret: "Coming Out of the Cults"
Singet Margaret, Ph.D.: "Thought Reform Exists: Organized, Programmatic Influence"
Szubin, Adam: "Interacting with "Cults": A Policing Model"
Tobias, Madeleine: "The Role of Cognitive Distortion"
Tourish, Dennis, Ph.D.: " Ideological Intransigence, Democratic Centralism, and Cultism"
Tourish, Dennis, Ph.D.: "Cultic Dimensions of the London 7/21/ Bombings"
Van Hoey, Sara: "Cults in Court"
Vatican Report: Sects or New Religious Movements"
Vere, J. Peter: "Sifting the Wheat from the Tares: 20 Signs of Trouble in a New Religious Group"
Zablocki, Benjamin, Ph.D.: "Methodological Fallacies in Atnhony's Critiqueof  Exit Cost Analysis"
Zilliox, Larry, Jr.: "How To Find Information on a Group"
Zimbardo, Philip, Ph.D.: "Mind Control: Psychological Reality or Mindless Rhetoric?"
Zimbardo, Philip, Ph.D.: "What messages are behind today's cults?"
� Alamo: :IRS Auctions Alamo Property"
� Aum Shinrikyo "Aum Shinrikyo Disbanding Likely as Trials Proceed"
� Aum Shinrikyo "Convicted Members Return"
� Ca Van Lieng "Cult Murder-Suicide, Jonestown Again?"
� COG Rusnell, Charles: "Judge Says The Family Is Reforming" - Cult Observer, Vol. 13, No. 1, 1996
� ICC "Boston Movement Still Harming Students: CO (13)1, 1996
� Jonestown "Ask Dismissal in Ryan Murder Case
� Jonestown "Conviction in Jonestown Murder of Rep. Ryan
� Jonestown "Effects of Religious Cults on the Health and Welfare of their Converts
� Jonestown "Jim Jones Record
� Jonestown "Jim Jones Sons"
� Jonestown "Jonestown Demo in Florida
� Jonestown "Jonestown Memorial Awards to New York Educator, Counselor
� Jonestown "Jonestown Remembered
� Jonestown "Jonestown: Symbol for Our Time"
� Jonestown "Layton Trial Raised Questions of Conspiracy, Mind Control"
� Jonestown "Memorial Wall"
� Jonestown "Never Forget Jonestown" Says Rep. Ryan�s Daughter
� Jonestown "New Rev. Jim Jones
� Jonestown "People�s Temple Attorney
� Jonestown "People�s Temple Documents
� Jonestown "Remembering Jonestown
� Jonestown "Ryan Murder Charges Alive
� Jonestown "Survivors Remember People�s Temple"
� LaRouche "Matching Funds"
� Rosedale, Herbert L.:  "NPR One-sided on Moon Movement", CO 11-4, 1994
� Scientology "Don't Ask Permission"
� Scientology "Food and Drug Administration rejects Scientology's call to ban Prozac"
� Set Free "Concern about Set Free Christian Center"
� TM " How TM Will End Crime [Proposes LA pay them $165 million yearly] CO, 10(3), 93
� TM "Ex-TMers Settle [Iowa's Maharishi International University], CO8(7),91
� TM "Guru Critical of TM Meditation, CO, 10(3),93"
� Unification Church "France: "Do The Moonies Still Exist?"
� Unification Church "Scholarship" Bridgeport
� Unification Church "Suit Versus Moon University - Bridgeport, CT"


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