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ICSA resources about psychological manipulation, cultic groups, sects, and new religious movements.



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Committee to Reverse the Accelerating Global Economic and Strategic Crisis
The headquarters of the Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. campaign for the Democratic Party's 1996 presidential nomination.

National Labor Federation (NATLFED, aka the Provisional Communist Party, aka the Formation)

The Truth About the National Labor Federation

Natural Law Party (See Transcendental Meditation)

Natural Law Party
Transcendental Meditation


Controversi�le groepen in Belgi� en Nederland
Critical Dutch language page with some quotes in English, on controversial groups in Belguim and The Netherlands.
Tvind Alert
The independent web pages about 'the Schools Cooperation Tvind' of Denmark and its international offshoots: Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, DAPP, UFF 
The Institute for International Cooperation and Development, IICD (USA & Canada)
International Education Co-operation (China), One World Volunteer Institute, NetUp, 
The College for International Cooperation and Development, CICD (UK)




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ICSA does NOT maintain a list of "bad" groups or "cults."  We nonjudgmentally list groups on which we have information.

Groups listed, described, or referred to on ICSA's Web sites may be mainstream or nonmainstream, controversial or noncontroversial, religious or nonreligious, cult or not cult, harmful or benign.

We encourage inquirers to consider a variety of opinions, negative and positive, so that inquirers can make independent and informed judgments pertinent to their particular concerns.

Views expressed on our Web sites are those of the document's author(s) and are not necessarily shared, endorsed, or recommended by ICSA or any of its directors, staff, or advisors.

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